The first theme: Syrian Refugee Children

  • Child Labor
  • Child Psychology
  • Teaching Arabic to Children
  • Teaching Turkish to Children


The second theme: Syrian Refugees and Education

  • Non-Education Stay
  • Refugees in primary and secondary education
  • Academician and Teachers
  • Syria Schools
  • University Education


The third theme: Syrian Refugee Women

  • Law
  • Violence
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Business Life
  • Training


The fourth theme: Syrian Refugees and Social Harmony

  • Holidays and Special Days
  • War Psychology and Harmony
  • Common cultural values and Harmony
  • Religion and Harmony
  • Social Harmony, Issues and Solution Suggestions


The fifth theme: Syrian Refugees and the Press

  • The Effect of Turkish Press on Syrian Refugees
  • Syrian Press's influence on Syrian refugees
  • Influence of Arab Press on Syrian Refugees
  • The impact of the European Press on Syrian Refugees
  • Syrian Refugees and Social Networks
  • Theater, Exhibition and Cartoon


The sixth theme: Institutions and Organizations Interested in

  • Syrian Refugees
  • Foundations, Associations and NGOs
  • International Official Organizations
  • Islamic Organizations


The seventh theme: Syrian Refugees and Law

  • Turkish Citizenship
  • Identity and Temporary Protection Identity
  • Change of marital status
  • Human Rights


The eighth theme: Syrian Refugees and Health

  • Psychological Diseases
  • Body Diseases
  • Disability and the Elderly
  • Hospitals and Health Centers
  • Health Issues


The ninth theme Syrian Refugees and Economy

  • Working Problems
  • The role of Syrian refugees in development
  • Syrian Businessmen