Important Information and Dates


  • Participation is free; however the Scientific Renaissance Association is generally not in a position to pay for the travel of participants in the
  • The Scientific Renaissance Association will provide all participants (guests) with accommodation and food etc. during the
  • The Scientific Renaissance Association and Adiyaman University will present all participants with the Participation
  • The official response to the researchers (participants) will be made only by e-mail.



  • The deadline to receive abstracts of researchers: 15/06/2017
  • Acceptance of abstracts: 01/07/2017
  • The deadline to receive the full researches: 01/08/2018
  • The deadline to respond to the accepted researches: 15/08/2017
  • Reception of participants (guests): 19/10/2017
  • Symposium registration, opening and some sessions: 20/10/2017m.
  • Sessions 21-22/10/2017 m.