Aim, Content and Cause

Syrian refugees have been forced to migrate to neighboring countries such as Turkey because of the ongoing civil war in their country. The problems that face Syrian refugees and solutions should be expressed by many researchers. Therefore, The Second International Scientific Symposium, which was launched by the Scientific Renaissance Association, will be held, God willing, titled: "Syrian Refugees between Reality and Expectation" to formulate and develop a common vision of researchers from all over the world about the suffering of Syrian refugees, situation, their rights of education, health, living conditions, among other things. In this regard, the Preparatory Committee of the Symposium offers its vision to decision-makers to make use of the results of this symposium to develop the reality of Syrian refugees using accurate scientific methods, and thus develop the situation of Syrian refugees who immigrate especially to Turkey.


Goals of the Symposium

  1. Clarifying the situation of Syrian refugees and their issues and diagnosing their
  2. Improving Syrian refugees' situation to the desired
  3. Making use of the results of the symposium by the officials concerned with the Syrian refugees'
  4. Deepening relations between Syrian refugees and their surroundings from the Turks and others.
  5. Making Syrian refugees keep up with other people in all various fields oflife.